.Welcome to Ellie’s Blossom.

I am Eliana, but you can call me Ellie which is usually written “Eli” in Portuguese. The road to life has been difficult and I finally came to realized that I am just a lost being in this beautiful earth. How to find myself?

The answer to finding myself is not as easy as I thought. Only if my trueself had a GPS installed… I should I have thought of that before it was release into the world. But now this is on the past, and a new road awaits for me.

Recently decided to go onto a journey to discover my true self, and I hope this will help you find your road to self-awareness. The most important thing a person can do is to love themselves. So practice love everyday towards yourself. Be a friend, a mother to yourself and you will discover beautiful attributes you never knew you had. Follow me into this adventure.

Kisses and Blossoms,