When Death Comes, There is Love

Two days ago I had a dream about Chester Bennington. I assume it was because of the latest events and the fact that I keep thinking about it 24/7 a day did not make it easier either. It is hard this time the Linkin Park fans are going through since they learned to love someone who they barely knew. However hard that sounds, it is nothing compared with what a member of his family / close circle is feeling. The sadness engulfing them, and the endless unanswered questions that will forever reign in their heads. How will they get free from these haunting questions? How to find strength and move on when part of you left? Hard, even harder to go through.

One of the worst feelings in the world is losing someone you love. There is so much to feel and yet so little words to express such loss. It feels as if someone drilled an endless hole inside of your chest, and removed all the joy from your life. All the remaining feelings get sunk perpetually leaving you numb for the most part. The world which had already little sense becomes senseless, without a purpose and tasteless.

Sometimes we are blinded by the several distractions in the world like money, material things, careers, projects and many others and forget to see what really gives purpose for life. I agree you have to have objectives in life in order to continue living, but ultimately people give purpose to life, specially the ones we love. They lift us up, our reason to go to work, to smile, to dance, to enjoy life, to feel loved beyond everything in this world. This is why it is so hard to get over someone else’s death.

Love is the only good force in the world capable of moving people. Unfortunately hate does the same as well, but only loves complete us. Love keeps us safe, at peace, and with the sense of belonging. Love gets you out of the bed to go to work because you have to provide for your family. Love gets you up in the middle of the night to take your son / daughter to the hospital. Love pushes you to learn to cook / play video games because your loved ones like it. Love encourages you to learn a new language and consequently a new culture just for your love ones. Love inspires you to become a better person, everyday.

Death is an inevitable event which everyone will have to go through someday. It is amazing how we are all so scared of this event. The suspense of the date is what really kills us. We build castles of love with our families during years and watch it go down when a loved one passes away. For the person who passed away the pain is over. The ones who stayed are unfortunate having to learn to live with the loss.

The same feeling which got you to build your love chateau is the only one which will get you through this hard time. Love will give your strength to continue your journey until the end. Once the pain is gone, the wonderful / loving feelings will remain and these memories will forever be with you like a tattoo in your body. Let the questions go, God will answer for you. Remember to show love more, no matter how small the act is. Love will save you.


Kisses and Blossoms,




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