Tears Will Set You Free

The pain involved in the weekly process is unbearable, and the unanswered questions make the search harder to continue. What follows next are the tears falling as rain droplets. Although many of us do not like to admit, tears are the reason why some people are not walking around depressed. Relief from guilt, losses, heartbreaks come many times from the tears. It is the healthiest way to soothe the pain momentarily. Or it seems to be.

Tears are defined as rivers carrying pain, happiness and relief from the bottom of the heart. At least that is my definition about them, and I find it perfect to describe what they mean to most of us in our happiest and saddest moments. These moments carry so much energy, being negative or positive, that it overflows our bucket’s levels of emotion, and the only healthy way to release is by letting some tears flow. Yes, there are other ways to release it, but for many people this is the perfect way to do it and restart.

Many people are unable to understand why some people cry. They find it difficult to relate how some tears can just make someone feel better. Seems like a waste of energy and time for them. However they lack to understand that the tears falling from your face are a form to release the emotional burden. The pain, confusion, sadness, rage are taken away by this emotional wave. After the wave has passed, it is a new day to press the restart. In this new day, I hope to find the answers that are missing in my life questions. The black cloud has moved away, and I can see clearly how to manage this situation.

It is silly of me to hope that these heavy weather will not come back when I know it will. It always does. Those moments propel me to find solutions for better managing myself. The results are positive so far. Even though I cry, it does not mean I am not going to get up again and fight to find the answers. I will cry until the end of my days, if it makes me feel better. Unleash the power of the tears.


Kisses and Blossoms,



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