Days Will Get Better …

Do you ever get up thinking the day will be bad and no good things will happen? There is an emptiness or should I say an absence of feelings which engulfs you into a desperate mantle of thoughts. It makes you want to go back to bed and pretend you failed to wake up today. Turns out yesterday was just like that and the sad thing is it got super painful as the day ended. I cannot stop thinking the reason for the day having gone bad were my morning feelings. They took the wheel and drove the wrong direction.

Yesterday could have been a better day, but as usual my negativity / pessimism got in the way. Out of all the options I had to make this day more pleasurable and productive, I chose to go the negative way. Why is that? I knew what was happening, but why I failed to help myself? As a result, the day was not as great as it should be and once more my early morning feelings were reinforced. Just bare with me while I try to make a point. The day only went bad because I allowed it to be so.

Reasoning behind that? If you truly believe in something, the universe forces have their own ways of making that happen. Negative feelings / thoughts are easily reinforced than positive ones. Bad things happen everyday despite sensing them or not, however countless times we choose to make these things add into our negativity. This small action prevents us from being better at managing out bad days.

It is everyone’s wishes to become a better human being and in order for this to happen, some habits need to be changed or permanently removed. I decided to introduce new ways of dealing with the bad morning feelings. It would be great if this could be permanently removed, but the reality is that is not very easy… Nearly impossible.

When dealing with negative / pessimistic feelings one must:

  • IDENTIFY THE FEELINGS: Is is sadness? Anger? Stress? Uneasiness? Anxiety? Fear? Guilt? Feelings are complex which makes them hard to identify. Believe me when I say there is no better person to know about your feelings than yourself. Get in touch with your feelings, your most inner self in order to resolve any unsolved issues they have have been hidden by the same feelings. Breathe, relax your muscles and focus on what you are feeling. After some practice, you will be able to pinpoint your feelings.


  • FIND THE SOURCE OF THE FEELINGS: Ask yourself the question: Why am  I feeling this way? There are countless reasons to feel sad, mad, angry, anxious, etc. However you know the reasons as to why you are feeling them. Once you have relaxed and meditate about your feelings, you will easily find out the source of your mood / feelings. Remember that the most important concept in here is to be honest with yourself. Despite the reason being nonsense to you, be honest and say it because this will help you deal with it.


  • DEAL WITH THE FEELINGS: Once you know what you are feeling and the reasons for that, you are ready to deal with them. Imagine if you cannot do anything to change a certain situation  person, what will you do? Stay mad, anxious, sad forever? No. You need to devise a plan so you know how you will deal with this in the in meantime. Learning to control how the external world works is the key to improve yourself. Daily there are so many factors which can affect us badly, but only if we allow them to. Find a positive, if possible, or a neutral way to deal with a situation or person who has been making you feel anxious or sad. Neutral hardly means ignore. It just means if you cannot see a positive way, find a way to level your bad feelings.

Feeling just exist, they are neither good or bad. The way we choose to act toward them is what defines their goodness or badness. Feelings affect other people, so make sure you are a positive force into someone else’s life. They can affect you physically, so get in touch with your inner most feelings. Be the person you were always meant to be by learning how to deal with your feelings.


Kisses and Blossoms,




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